Thirm Solver is the backbone of the Thirm ecosystem. It is a powerful engine that enables cross-chain access to your cryptocurrencies. Thirm Solver is a permissionless, abstract all-in-one AI-Driven Machine linked to multiple blockchains, providing a bridge that allows smart contracts to request data and process commands.

THIRM Solver is a trustless custodian that holds digital assets as they move between blockchains. For example: BTC (or any other integrated cryptocurrency) is transferred or deposited to Thirm Solver, which holds it and then mints it as an BEP20 token (a.k.a. tBTC) on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain at a 1:1 ratio to ensure that tBTC is always backed by the same amount of BTC.

Thirm Solver handles cross-chain deposits and withdrawals via the automatic exchange between native currencies and T-Tokens. As Binance Smart Chain Contract cannot interact with other blockchains, Thirm Solver gets the smart contract's operation. It then processes and updates back to the smart contract. This makes the whole process easy to use and verifiable by anyone on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

Thirm Solver runs 24/7 and allows trustless configuration. Users can run Thirm Solver and get rewarded with Thirm Tokens for submitting solutions to THIRM Protocol.