Thirm Token is a governance/ownership tracking smart contract written on blockchain. Profits generated by the Thirm Protocol are distributed to the Thirm Token holders in the form of Token Buyback.

Companies typically buy back token when they have extra cash that they would not reinvest otherwise. However we at Thirm, believe that buyback itself acts as an investment for the holders to give something back to the holders for the confidence they have put in Thirm. Token repurchases are great news for investors because they lift token prices by limiting the supply of token available for sale. “Buyback-and-burn” may be a terminology specific to digital assets, but the idea is the same as with traditional share repurchase programs: The issuer buys back previously issued tokens on the secondary market, to reduce supply and thus increase market prices


Thirm Token Holders create proposals and vote on every decision the protocol implements. By voting, we ensure that we go in the direction agreed on by the majority of holders.

Tokenomics is the study of how cryptocurrencies work within the broader ecosystem, it includes things such as token distribution and how it can be used to incentivize positive behavior.


THIRM TOKEN is inflated by the rate of 0.1% every 10 days (3.7155% per year).

Optional - Not neccessary needed to be infalted !


Thirm Solver is built with a vision for the future and the THIRM token is the fuel for the THIRM PROTOCOL. For every operation requested, the user needs to burn THIRM, thus deflating the total supply.


All the above-given factors make THIRM's total supply of token a dynamic ever-changing variable (Deflationary), that can always be viewed on our Ethereum contract.

Smart Contract